Posted by: jiminmontana | December 5, 2012

AutoZone fires the employee who thwarted a robbery at work

Chivalry may not be dead, but it is being killed slowly in our “civil”ization called America.

A veteran of the Air Force was fired after chasing off a serial armed robber at his place of employment.  The “Fake Beard Bandit” has pulled off some 30 robberies in the area and had taken down the store once before.  However, the company’s zero-tolerance policy against guns at work required that the employee permit the robber to potentially murder everyone in sight rather than deal with the unpleasant situation effectively.

LINK to the local TV website with video

These are strange times when the heroic actions of a citizen will guarantee harsh recompense.

No one needs to give you permission to do the right thing.

The sheriff even commented that robbers now know that they are free to hold up an AutoZone with relative impunity.

I just went to the AutoZone website and let them know that O’Reilly’s is just down the street.  Click here to send them the message.


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