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Environmentalism, the Green Religion of Human Sacrifice

Many people who self-describe as being “environmentalists” are sweet people with good intentions.  They may have soft hearts — and soft heads.  Most people do not have special education or training in the sciences, so logical and critical thought are not their developed forte in a world that focuses on Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage and speculates on her plastic surgeries.

Here’s a great clip by Dr. Walter Williams regarding the evil of Religious/Political Environmentalism.

The “research” supporting “Green politics” is both thin and politically-generated.  Some of the Environmentalists — the leaders – are flatly EVIL.  Their own words and actions will bear this out to the reader shortly.

Who can be blamed for exterminating more humans than any other?  Hitler (6-7 MM)?  Stalin (10-14MM)?  Mao (60-68 MM)?  No – none of these.  The book Silent Spring, published in 1962, killed more human beings than all of these combined.

Death for 100 million souls

Silent Spring (wiki) knowingly used data which had been manipulated by environmentalist-activists to generate a universal ban on the pesticide DDT: the only effective and affordable defense the world has ever known to combat malaria and typhus.

Infected blood cells rupturing

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency took up the cause and held hearings which lasted for nearly six months — and concluded that DDT should NOT be banned: the “scientific” evidence against the chemical was insignificant and dubious.

However, the determination was overturned with the EPA director, Bill Ruckleshaus (see article from The American Counsel of Science and Health), overruled his agency’s findings and banned DDT anyway, later admitting that the reason was not scientific, but political in nature.

The ban in the US spread throughout the world with US threats to reduce American foreign aid to other nations which continued to utilize DDT to fight malaria.

Africa was hit the hardest as some 60 million died there from mosquito-vectored malaria within the first few years of the DDT ban.  Uganda states that 70,000 to 110,000 children currently die there from malaria every year and has resumed the wise use of DDT as a spray indoors, applied twice annually.

A conservative estimate of people who have died from malaria since the DDT ban is 140,000,000 souls.

3000 die daily

With the ban of DDT, the infection surged immediately.  The ban remained – and still remains, even though there is MUCH evidence that DDT (properly used) has minimal negative effects on the environment and may be nearly “harmless” to humans.  Spraying a house with small amounts of DDT costs $1.44 per year; alternatives are five to 10 times more, making them unaffordable in poor countries.

de-licing – no recorded deaths from DDT exposure

Here comes the evil . . .

Pro 8:36 KJV – But he that sinneth against me (God) wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.

It is estimated that some 100 MM to 500,000,000 lives have been saved by the application of DDT to homes and crops.  The fact that DDT saves lives might account for part of the hostility toward it. Alexander King, founder of the Malthusian Club of Rome, wrote in a biographical essay in 1990:

“My own doubts came when DDT was introduced. In Guyana, within two years, it had almost eliminated malaria. So my chief quarrel with DDT, in hindsight, is that it has greatly added to the population problem.” 

“too many people”

Dr. Charles Wurster, one of the major opponents of DDT, is reported to have said,

“People are the cause of all the problems. We have too many of them. We need to get rid of some of them, and this (referring to malaria deaths) is as good a way as any.” 

The motivation and bias behind books like Silent Spring and Environmentalist “science” is both religious and political.  The POWER behind Environmentalism is entirely political, garnering centralized power and influence over sheeple like you and me.  The sin of people like Rachel Carlson is a callousness to human suffering, having traded away natural kindness and fraternity for a blind pantheism and far-reaching globalism.  Human beings are viewed with a jaundiced eye.  You and I are compared to viruses, “consuming the Host”.  Africans, with flies buzzing around their huts and faces, have a poor quality of life anyway — so the callous Environmentalist can let them die off.   Can cause them to die — through bogus decrees here on the other side of the planet.

Center for Disease Control malaria map

Allow me to quote a fellow blogger:

Like the high priests of global warming, Rachel Carson knew what she was doing. She claimed DDT would actually destroy all life on Earth if its use was continued – the “silent spring” of the title is a literal description of the ecological apocalypse she forecast. She misused a quote from Albert Schweitzer about atomic warfare, implying the late doctor agreed with her crusade against pesticide by dedicating her book to him… when, in fact, Schweitzer viewed DDT as a “ray of hope” against disease-carrying insects. Some of the scientists attempting to debunk her hysteria went so far as to eat chunks of DDT to prove it was harmless, but she and her allies simply ignored them, making these skeptics the forerunners of today’s “global warming deniers” – absolutely correct and utterly vilified. William Ruckleshaus disregarded nine thousand pages of testimony when he imposed the DDT ban. Then as now, the science was settled… beneath a mass of callous politics, bias, and ideology, and megalomania.


Another way Silent Spring forecast the global-warming fraud was its insistence that readers ignore the simple evidence of reality around them. One of the founding myths of modern environmentalism was Carson’s assertion that bird eggs developed abnormally thin shells due to DDT exposure, leading the chicks to be crushed before they could hatch. As detailed in this American Spectator piece from 2005, no honest experimental attempt to produce this phenomenon has ever succeeded – even when using concentrations of DDT a hundred times greater than anything that could be encountered in nature. Carson claimed thin egg shells were bringing the robin and bald eagle to the edge of extinction… even as the bald eagle population doubled.

The DDT ban isn’t the only example of environmental extremism coming with a stack of body bags. Mandatory gas mileage standards cause an additional 2,000 deaths per year, by compelling automakers to produce lighter, more fragile cars. The biofuel mania has led resources to be shifted away from growing food crops, resulting in higher food prices and starvation. Worst of all, the economic damage inflicted by the environmentalist religion directly correlates to life-threatening reductions in the human standard of living. The recent earthquake in Haiti is only the latest reminder that poverty kills — and collectivist politics are the most formidable engine of poverty on Earth.

Environmental extremism is a breathless handmaiden for collectivism. It pours a layer of smooth, creamy science over a relentless hunger for power. Since the boogeymen of the Green movement threaten the very Earth itself with certain destruction, the environmentalist feels morally justified in suspending democracy and seizing the liberty of others. “Of course we can’t put these matters to a vote! The dimwitted hicks in flyover States can’t understand advanced biochemistry or climate science. They might vote the wrong way, and we can’t risk the consequences!” The phantom menaces of the Green movement can only be battled by a mighty central State. Talk of representation, property rights, and even free speech is madness when such a threat towers above the fragile ecosphere, wheezing pollutants and coughing out a stream of dead birds and drowned polar bears.

Earth worship

Green philosophy provides vital nourishment for the intellectual vanity of Leftists, who get to pat themselves on the back for saving the world through the control-freak Statism they longed to impose anyway. One of the reasons for the slow demise of the climate-change nonsense is that it takes a long time to let so much air out of so many egos. Calling “deniers” stupid and unpatriotic was very fulfilling. Likewise, you’ll find modern college campuses teeming with students – and teachers – who will fiercely insist that DDT thins egg shells and causes cancer. Environmentalism is a primitive religion which thrives by telling its faithful they’re too sophisticated for mere common sense.

The legacy of Silent Spring provides an object lesson in the importance of bringing the global-warming con artists to trial. No one was ever forced to answer for the misery inflicted by that book, or the damage it dealt to serious science. Today Rachel Carson is still celebrated as a hero, the secular saint who transformed superstition and hysteria into a Gospel for the modern god-state. The tactics she deployed against DDT resurfaced a decade later, in the Alar scare (also the government-orchestrated, bogus “energy crisis” of the Carter Administration). It’s a strategy that offers great reward, and very little risk. We need to increase the risk factor, and frighten the next generation of junk scientists into being more careful with their research. If we don’t, the Church of Global Warming will just reappear in a few years, wearing new vestments and singing new hymms… but still offering the same communion of poverty, tyranny, and death.



  1. […] King, founder of the Malthusian Club of Rome, wrote in a biographical essay in 1990: “My own doubts came when DDT was introduced. In Guyana, within two years, it had almost […]

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  3. A study published in The American Journal of Epidemiology found that the higher the concentration of DDT to the child in pregnancy to lower the child’s verbal, memory, quantitative, and perceptual-performance skills at age 4 years. It indicated that pre natal exposure to background, low-level concentrations of DDT was associated with a decrease in preschoolers’ cognitive skills. [10] Add to this the fact that DDT is concentrated in breast milk because it is lipophilic and the secretion of stored DDT into milk is the main route for excretion of DDT in lactating women.

  4. The history of life on Earth has been a history of interaction between living things and their surroundings.

    To a large extent, the physical form and the habits of the Earth’s vegetation and it’s animals life have been molded by the environment.

    Considering the whole span of earthly time, the opposite effect, in which life actually modifies it’s surroundings, has been relatively slight.

    Only within the moment of time represented by the present century has one species – mankind – acquired significant power to alter nature on the Earth.

    It took hundreds of millions of years to produce the life that now inhabits the Earth – eons of time in which that developing and evolving and diversifying life reached a state of adjustment and balance with its surroundings.

    The most alarming of all man’s assaults upon the environment is the contamination of the air, earth and water with dangerous and lethally toxic materials.

    As Albert Schweitzer has said, ‘Man can hardly even recognize the devils of his own creation.’
    Given time – time not in years but in millennia – life adjusts and a balance has been reached.

    For time is the essential ingredient, but on this modern Earth there is no time.
    – Rachel Carson, biologist and author, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient

    “The land itself is in mourning – its wilderness pastures are dried up. For they all do evil and abuse what power they have.” – Jeremiah 23:10

    • The quote from Jeremiah is misused in this context. The prophet is noting that the increase of Sin in the world causes the natural realm to shift toward degradation. Arguably, this is due to the harmonization of the “principalities” which govern the natural realm of Creation as the buffers between our finite universe and the spiritual realm around us.

      Conversely, when Messiah returns and inflexibly rules the nations according to the Righteousness of God, the wolf will lie down with the lamb — all because those principalities will be responding to the increase in righteousness on Earth.

      It is a faith-based statement that you opine that the cosmos is millions of years in age. Many learned scientists will disagree based on evidence. For example, there is less than 10,000 years of space dust on the surface of our Moon. It was due to this bad science that the lunar lander had such huge pods on the landing gear — expecting to land in multiple feet of dust, only to land with an abrupt and jarring thud. Just as Adam was created with apparent age, the universe was made — not as a hot mess — but as a functional clockwork with apparent age. I understand that this is also a faith-based statement, but not without rational. To think that functional DNA and RNA happened by random processes over eons is a dying conjecture in the back halls of academia.

      That being said, we do have a fiduciary responsibility to govern Creation wisely and carefully. Not religiously. As Chesterton said, Nature is not a Mother, she is a step-Mother — ask any old sailor. Rather, she is a sister — a tiny and adorable sister which we are to love and care for, but not take altogether seriously. And Nature as we know it is doomed by God following the 1000 year reign of Messiah — in that era in which Righteousness will cause the Creation to rejoice in renewed and wholesome vitality.

  5. funny that men think they can create a better balance than GOD !

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  7. You wrote:

    One of the founding myths of modern environmentalism was Carson’s assertion that bird eggs developed abnormally thin shells due to DDT exposure, leading the chicks to be crushed before they could hatch.

    Carson did not write such a thing.

    Rachel Carson died in 1964.

    Eggshell thinning showed up in research about 1970; the paper establishing eggshell thinning was published in 1974.

    Whoever gave you that string of factoids threw in some clunkers, and some outright lies. That’s one of the latter.

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