Posted by: jiminmontana | May 22, 2012

Messiah: the “Last Adam” and “Second Man”

In Genesis, we see that the Lord made everything about the universe to be GOOD. All of the physical realm was entrusted to the First Man who went about bestowing NAMES upon the various aspects of Creation. To name a thing is to exercise dominion over a thing. When the working day was ending, Adam walked with God at dusk and gained new insights and planned for the next day; Adam was both dependent upon God and without Sin: he was innocent and dependent.

But there was an Enemy with him in the Garden. One who would not be dependent and who was no longer innocent. He set himself free from the limitations of God’s ways and inspired Adam to join him. The result is all the hurt and pain of all the generations since.  The snake has bitten us; the venom has done its work.

Scripture refers to Messiah in two ways that must not be confused. He is called both the LAST ADAM and the SECOND MAN. The first title marks Jesus as the one who paid for Adam’s mistake. The second title marks Jesus as the beginning of a new race – people who are the opposite to Adam in many ways. The First Adam had lost to the Evil One and earned the condemnation of God the Father. The Last Adam came as though a son of Adam, suffering all that any natural man could, yet without Sin – beyond Innocence, Jesus had PROVEN Virtue, PROVEN Dependency, PROVEN Merit in His own personal Goodness. As the Last Adam, He gathered together ALL of what was due to the Sinner (speaking in global terms throughout the Ages). He gathered all of that Woe together in His Perfect Life and extinguished the Wrath of God in His own Life of Virtue. The Last Adam died so that the First Adam could be forgiven and live, despite his sin. Despite having opened the door to every cataclysm, war, famine, earthquake, crime, and calloused neglect of the eons. Solving that problem is what the Last Adam has done for us.

The Christian must go beyond that. As Wonderful as that is, we must go beyond that, because the Scripture goes beyond that. We serve a God-Man who raised Himself from the Grave as the SECOND MAN. He is the firstfruits of a NEW RACE. The new race is not like the old sons of Adam. Jesus is not to be resurrected alone and in isolation as the one-and-only glorified Son of God. I understand that it is difficult for us, being yet Sinners, to hear this, but the fact that we do not internalize all the truth of Scripture is WHY we have so much failing and weakness in the Church today – striving, divorce, addiction, worldly sorrows. In Romans 8:29 we read of “many brethren”; in Hebrews of “many sons”. From the point of view of the Lord Jesus it is “brethren”; from the point of view of God the Father it is “sons”. Both words in this context convey the idea of maturity. God is seeking full-grown sons – full-grown daughters; He wants them to share His glory as sons and daughters of the King. That is the explanation of Romans 8:30: “Whom he justified, them he also glorified.” Sonship — the full expression of His Son — is God’s goal in the “many sons”.

And Sons are meant to exercise a righteous dominion over Creation – at this time. Like Messiah, we are to be about “our Father’s business”. Now. You are the Body of Christ – here – in the World. Jesus was Ascended into Heaven so that YOU might enjoy this momentary opportunity to be about your Father’s business. As a son. As a daughter. The Garden has been ruined, but the Sons have been raised. New sons. A new race. People who were born spiritually dead, but have been born again. With a new spirit. With a Power which naturally-born people do not have. The World which the Enemy is building will be brought to naught; the Kingdom shall prevail.

As a Christian counselor or mentor, the power of the Resurrection must be our daily bread. God has made ONE WAY for you and me to exercise righteous dominion and it will always be through total dependency on the Wisdom of God and the Power of Resurrection. Sharing this with others is a big part of the Great Commission – “making disciples” is more than learning doctrine. It is the doctrine of living, not with just new insights, but with Resurrection Power. Nothing else will “turn the world upside-down” or set the lives of the people we love right-side-up.

These are some insights I have internalized from Watchman Nee’s “Normal Christian Life” as mentioned in the former blog.



  1. Hi. Strange request, do you maybe have the original image of the cartoon of Adam naming the animals? I want to use it on a wall in our children’s church, but I can’t find a high resolution image of it anywhere that I can buy. I would really appreciate your reply. Thank you and God bless!

    • no. sorry sis. can’t locate.

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