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Christian Faith — the ONLY Bible study tool you will need.  Multiple translations, Strong’s link, Commentaries.  The best. — the best Christian discipleship organization I know – just for men – that covers all the bases — good source for mp3 sermons — a good ministry for men to support — spending time with unfathered kids – George Grenfell:  a nearly-forgotten hero — Grenfell’s boat — the Quran in English, so you can see for yourself that all “good Muslims” are supposed to kill you —  “The Legends of the Jews” is good for seeing the “back story” to the Scriptures. – OLD sermons as mp3’s. — Focus on the Family’s movie reviews

Boating Links

Hunting/Firearms — use the topographical maps for planning a hunt – my favorite source for shooting supplies – great reloading products.  Find what you want and buy it from a retailer for LESS. – get a good barrel!  Great video comparing a Remington stock barrel to a Lilja barrel. — a good shop for hunters in MT. – Tikka makes the best low-cost rifles in the world. – calculate your trajectory, print, and tape it to the stock of your rifle! – moon calendar – good moon calendar and easy to use = bad field dressing technique.  Gross and hilarious. 

Fitness – The Diet Revolution website – Low Carb Food List – a too-girly-4-me website for low carb folks – has some good recipes

Cooking – link for Julia Child making a Souffle, from there you can find other stuff – Julia’s and Charles’ scallops are crazy good – Julia’s venison techniques — very good Falafel recipe with sauce recipes also. – all about STEAK. 

Political — A hard-hitting, super-Conservative, intelligent political thinker.  Wow! – Why NOT to answer a police officer’s questions, “take the fifth” every time!  Very entertaining law professor, James Duane. – a cop telling you to never talk to him! – Congressman Mike Killer, a SOLID Montana man who deserves your support.  Send $! Vote!$.startup – how to look up bills/laws that are in the works – an overview of the MT law-making process – how to contact your State of MT Congressmen and Senators – read any and every book and article in the MT law library — online! – MT State Constitution and current laws — you need to learn your county laws and city laws, too! – good overview of gun laws in MT. — The MT Shooting Sports Assoc deserves your support.  Join up today!


MONTANA STUFF – the lowest cost airline to Missoula and Great Falls, MT — usually.

Brewing Beer/Making Wine – a good calculator site for getting new recipes to come out well. – good recipes and info — the best site and company I know for great service, fine quality, and reasonable cost. – another good calculator – a good bitterness calculator – my favorite beer recipe – a good forum for getting questions answered



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