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I earned a BA in 1989 from the University of Tennessee in Cellular Biology — that’s the study of multicellular plants and animals on the cellular level.  When I studied the Atkins Diet, it made sense to me — and my doctor.  I am currently teaching junior/senior high school students at a Christian church-based school which my son attends.  I was formerly pretty successful in car sales before the economic bubble popped in 2007 — I loved brokering cars for good people.  I am of Scottish extraction, grew up just outside Nashville on a beef and tobacco farm,  love the Lord and my family, and really enjoy hunting in Montana.

I also attended Fuller Theological Seminary, but found that it wasn’t “theological” enough.  Profs muttered their serious doubts about the Flood (with the hallmarks of the diluvial catastrophe being so evident here in the SLANTED Rocky Mountains: sedimentary rock is supposed to be flat!).  Profs didn’t altogether concur why Messiah had to be born of a Virgin (to make an end-run around Adamic Sin) or they didn’t fully believe that to be true.  The office of Women’s Concerns was another anomaly, as if the Bible doesn’t say enough against the role of women’s general LEADERSHIP over the local church.  Alas, the good beginning that Fuller made was corrupted by Humanists.  Peter Wagner, teacher of Church Growth, recommended that churches in the US grow best if the memberships are homogeneous — to keep the social classes and ethnicities segregated (my words as I understood the meanings between the lines).  That will assuredly work great for fraternities and clubs, but not for me — certainly not God’s Church by which the separation at Babel is to be reversed.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C._Peter_Wagner  Finally, the then Provost, Dr. Mouw, even brought Nelson Mandela (known South African Communist leader) to Los Angeles to lead a march around the Fuller campus:  students formed a little congo-line with fists in the air.

When did we stop shooting traitors?!?!!?!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Mouw  No kidding.  That was the end for me — after two and one-half years in the MDiv program.  Super-creepy!  Done.  No regrets.  But I am still mad as Hell about it.

Here’s a rebuttal to the fawning media regarding Mandela.  The film Invictus reminds me of the New York Times article in Feb. of 1957 that worked to put Americans to sleep about Castro.  It read, “Fidel Castro has strong ideas of liberty, democracy, social justice, the need to restore Cuba’s Constitution….this amounts to a new deal for Cuba, radical, democratic and therefore anti-Communist.”  CBS called Fidel the “Robin Hood of the Sierra Maestra Mts.” and a “Cuban George Washington”.  Anti-Americanism out of the US media is nothing new.  Check out http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1255245/posts for info on Mandela’s career and book entitled “How to Be a Good Communist”.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necklacing for Mandela’s favorite form of terrorism.  Works great!

Video of Mandela’s hordes committing atrocities that brought down the pro-West government in South Africa.  Thanks, Dr. Mouw!  Thanks for bringing a murderous anti-American to our nation to give him the veneer of Christian virtue and approval.  Considering that you are lettered in ETHICS, you are either a “useful idiot” who Really ought to know better or — more likely — a proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Be glad that I am not your Judge.

OK.  I’m back now.

My wife has a BS in Business Admin & Marketing, plus an MS in Counseling Psychology from Cal Baptist Univ in Riverside, CA.

She is fantastic at marriage counseling with a remarkably high success rate that shatters industry standards.  We counsel couples together and have a guest house for weekend and week long “couples’ interventions”.  The rewards of working to save marriages really cannot be explained.







We have one son who lives in Phoenix, AZ with his wife — although there is some discussion about them moving up here.  We also have a teenager at home who is all about his music and friends.

I love hunting and fishing.  I love to study the Bible and read old stuff like G.K. Chesterton http://chesterton.org/acs/quotes.htm, C. Spurgeon’s and Jon Edwards’ sermons, and Malcolm Muggeridge   http://www.malcolmmuggeridge.org/.

I find the Jewish roots to the Christian faith to be overwhelmingly significant and revelatory.  I cannot wait until Jesus (Yeshua) returns as the Lion of Judah to rule this planet from Jerusalem for the last 1,000 years of this world’s history.  (Sorry for the long string of prepositions)    All who put their Trust in the Virtue of the singular GodMan whose perfection can absorb and destroy their Sin — and those who seek to Live by the inspiration and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit — will enjoy God and their fellow-man forever, increasingly so.

We attend a small neighborhood church that’s about as Conservative as you could ask for.  I hope that you’ll take a look at the posts that pull up under the category of “Judeo-Christian Worldview“.  I have spent a LOT of time working to obtain a coherent and rational understanding of Scripture having read the Bible through about 12 times, plus focused studies.  (Some folks go through every year, so I’m no big deal!)  It is important to do this study for yourself, but I have learned a lot from those who have gone before us.

Pet-Peeves:  arrogance, a closed mind, a simple answer on the shallow side of understanding, Jew-haters and all racism, bad theology and bad philosophy, effeminate males, masculine females, bland food, expensive champagne, cheap red wine, LEGALISM, Humanism, disloyalty, socialism in America, bad wars, gossip, wolves in Montana, pettiness

Likes:  good food, faith in the goodness of God and His Providence, my wife’s hugs, supererogatory acts, calm dogs who like to please, the smell of evergreens, big horses who are honest with you, KINDNESS, a simple answer on the far side of understanding, to witness the expression of appreciation, subtlety, sincere expression of conviction, open carry and concealed carry of firearms, and GRACE


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  1. i have an evinrude with the same shift problems, wondering if you would lend me some knowledge, 406 559 0248

  2. Enjoyed meeting you yesterday and looking thru you blog site. Thank you

    • Thank you, Colonel. An honor to know you. Thank you so much for your ministry and service to our nation.

  3. Thanks Jim for the ‘blog’ reveal. (as for me). Appreciate some personal history very much. So I do want to go to HarvestAmerica showing Mon or Tues. what day are you going? marc

    • Marc, I intend to be at the Monday evening meeting. Thank you so much for your friendship.

  4. Hello,
    Do you still have the 1957 Lone Star Caribbean?
    It has been a dream restoration project of mine and I want to know if you would sell it… hopefully not restored
    thank you

    • Yep I still have it and never had time to fix it up. it’s in the back yard in Helena, MT. Do you want it?

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