Posted by: jiminmontana | September 4, 2012

“2016, Obama’s America” the Movie

This documentary has gotten loads of bad press by the mass-media, primarily because this film vets the man — something the MSNBC and CNN crowd refused to do in 2008.

obama movie 2016

Wikipedia link here — movie review

Our President was not raised in the farmlands or even the suburbs of middle America.  He was raised in Indonesia and Hawaii, the later being one of the least patriotic of our United States.  Hawaii remains the only hotbed of anti-Colonialism in America with a significant presence of anti-Americanists in the native people.

While being raised in an environment which is steeped in anti-American sentiment is significant enough, Obama was profoundly influenced by Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying member of the Communist Party in America, being member #47544.  Their relationship was that of mentor to pupil, with Barack being under Davis’ influence for eight years.

While I am aware that our nation will get the governance that it deserves, it is my family’s hope and prayer that America does not deserve another round of Barack Hussein Obama and his handlers.

Following is the link to Alan Caruba’s Jan. 2, 1010 blog about the origins of our current President.  It has been incorrectly tied to the WSJ, which is unfortunate, but the blog remains a fantastic resource and is highly recommended.  Link to “Obama’s Make-Believe Life

Remember to VOTE on November 6th — VOTE ANGRY!


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