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Letter to Messianic Groups

I sent the following letter to some 400 Messianic groups (Jewish Christians) in the US on May 3rd.


3 May 2013

Shabbat Shalom,

Please be so kind as to receive this timely message from a gentile who loves the L_rd, the People He has Chosen, and the Nation He has regathered from the four corners of the Earth.  The hope of Hosea is being realized in our sight, and may all the nations applaud the work which the L_rd has done in restoring Israel to prominence.

I hope to not waste your time, so allow me to get right to the matter at hand.

In keeping with Genesis 1:14, there will be a series of signs in the heavens (‘owth) over the next several years on significant set times (moed):

Pesach 5774

Passover 2014

total lunar eclipse (blood moon)

Erev Sukkot 5775

Tabernacles 2014

total lunar eclipse (blood moon)

Pesach 5775

Passover 2015

total lunar eclipse (blood moon)

Sukkot 5776

Tabernacles 2015

total lunar eclipse (blood moon)

1 Nisan 5775

New Year 2015

solar eclipse

Erev Rosh Hashanah 5776

Trumpets 2015

solar eclipse

Chanukah 5774

28 Nov. 2013

very bright comet      NASA link

Tu BiSh’vat 5774

16 Jan. 2014

subsequent meteorite storm

Each of these events can be verified through the NASA website at:  and (more specifically)

What is more astounding is that the upcoming “Jewish tetrad” which begins on Pesach 5774 will be the ninth Jewish tetrad in the known history of the planet — the first of which occurred on 3 April 33 CE, the day when Messiah was cut off per Daniel 9.  Each of the former eight Jewish tetradia occurred at a time in world history that was auspicious to the People of G_d, including: The Six Day War, Israeli National Independence, The Spanish Inquisition, the Crucifixion, etc.

More information is entailed at the website addressed as

The prophet Joel foretold the following:

“The sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood, before the great and awesome day of the L_RD comes.”         — Joel 2:31 ESV

Joel’s words are a perennial warning, as found in Luke 21,   Acts 2, and   Revelation 6.  Thus, it is understood that these words are not to be without effect on those who ruminate upon them in Faith.

As a Christian man intent to honor the G_d of Scripture, I understand that the good news of Messiah’s return to Jerusalem as the King of kings must first go the Chosen People in accordance with the great apostle’s word in Romans 1.  And it will be the Jewish people who understand the significance of these signs as the dates of these Jewish holidays are, so sadly, inconsequential to the vast majority of Believing gentiles.  My primary ministry is to spread this message; the presentation at the following link will be my poor attempt to inform gentile Church leaders regarding these things:   (click the “Present” button in the upper right hand corner if necessary)

My hope and prayer is that the Messianic church will understand the significance of these imminent events and lead the nations in both understanding and righteousness.  Specifically, I hope that you as a leader of the Messianic Church will be like the noble Jews of Berea who initially received the word with a positive inclination of the mind and then determined the veracity of what they had learned — AND ALSO to be like the men of Issachar who understood the times regarding the kingdom’s transition: the reign of Saul is passing to David.  Whereas we gentiles have historically failed to bless the Jews in all good things, may the Jews reverse the past tragedies by blessing all nations with good news of the coming Messiah ben David.  May the Chosen People of G_d end this moribund Age with unparalleled magnificence!

Any advice or direction you might be willing to offer our small group of ministers will be very gladly received.  Help translating this message into the Hebrew language will be most greatly appreciated.

May the King of the Universe Bless You and Yours Richly.

Your Servant,

V.P. Public Relations


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