Posted by: jiminmontana | September 7, 2012

Democrat VOTER FRAUD on national TV

The Democratic Party has proven that they intend to defraud even their own members of their voices at the Democratic National Convention  Here is a link.

The fervor was regarding the President’s intention to include the word “God-given” in the DimParty platform and to state that Jerusalem be considered the capital city of the Nation of Israel.  This change required a 2/3 vote to pass, but the NO votes outnumbered the AYE votes.  The Democratic Convention Chairman took the vote THREE TIMES — each with the same embarrassing result — “NO!” being shouted by most delegates at the convention.

Then he stated that the amendment had passed!

This is how the Dim leadership mistreats its own people — defrauding them of their votes — on national television in front of the entire world.  They do what they want, voters be damned!

Do you really think that YOUR vote will count in November?  When it is being counted in a closed room with no cameras and no public scrutiny?  I think that this election is already in the bag and America will be treated to a second round of precipitous ruin by those who currently hold power.

I hope that I’m wrong.  Pray for our nation!


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