Posted by: jiminmontana | January 11, 2012

A great American educator and patriot: Dr. Walter E. Williams

I was recently “turned-onto” this man’s syndicated articles by a phony e-mail ascribed to Dr. Williams.  A professor of economics at George Mason University in Virginia, this man can explain just about every fiscal and social flaw with our nation and Socialism in general.

Link here for his video and life-story, “Up from the Projects”

Here’s the link to his page at GMU.  Check out the syndicated column link on the top of that webpage.

Walter E. Williams

Whether it’s the perpetuation of racism, buying votes with other people’s money, taxation, greed, how min-wage keeps low-skilled people poor and low-skilled, or education — this man shoots straight about what’s wrong with America and how to fix it.

Here’s a bittersweet link from his column:  “Does Your Vote Really Count” 

Dr. Williams, you got my vote, sir!


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