Posted by: jiminmontana | March 24, 2011

Jefferson & Beaverhead Rivers near Whitehall, Montana

Here is the prettiest fishing spot I have found in Montana.  Between Whitehall and Waterloo, this photo is from a bluff overlooking “The Jeff” facing Twin Bridges, MT from the Whitehall area.  Click to get a full sized photo.  Herd of elk are on the left hillside.  Link to map:,-112.120285&spn=0.074298,0.181103&z=13&msid=200911063131441593103.00049f3b8a7f8960cf109   

Stay at the Chief Motel in Whitehall.  Get a ride to Twin Bridges, MT or Silver Star and float-fish back to Whitehall.    

There are very few Rainbow Trout in this river, but the big Browns are more common than you’ll find anywhere else.  They taste better and are more fun to catch.  Plus, there is very little fishing pressure on this stretch of water.    

Looking toward Waterloo, SSW


 Some maps call it the Jefferson, others the Beaverhead.  To locals, it’s just The Jeff.


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