Posted by: jiminmontana | March 5, 2011

MercyMe was Gr8

The concert on Friday night was worth the drive.  Rock and Worship Road Show 2011 came to Missoula and blew up the “Home of the Grizzlies”.

Started off with the boy band Anthem Lights.  Not bad.  Thousand Foot Crutch was painfully loud.  Pain.  Yeah, I may be 40 something, but pain is pain.  The vibration that made you think your heart was going into v-fib was actually bearable.  I experimented by bringing my jaw nearly closed and letting the sonic attack cause my teeth to clatter like it was 30 below.  Wifey handed over some Kleenex and I jammed it so far into my ear that it got stuck for an hour.  I may be old, but I do not suffer from significant hearing loss.  The trouble is that this concert is supposed to be about “Good News” and only one word in twenty could be understood.  Just plain silly.


Jars of Clay



The Afters were good and Jars of Clay brought a lot of good energy — “Dead Man” was the best song to that point.  Then I was really surprised to like the “rap” group LeCrae.   Those two brothers could do it, and the lyrics were spot on.

Bart and MercyMe were clear as a bell.  He has so much Joy when he’s up there — the group is my all-time favorite.  The bald guy who plays lead guitar was all business.  My wife and I were blessed!


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