Posted by: jiminmontana | February 14, 2011

Missing Money for Valentine’s Day

Having a GREAT day here. 

Valentine’s Day is going super.

I got mail from a state where I used to live; it said that a company owed $108.09 to me.  I went on the website and plugged in the info.  There are several pieces of money being held by the state that I knew nothing about!  One is from a class action suit from 1993 against an auto insurance company that used to insure me!  Surprise!

Funny thing is that the state takes up to 180 days to send a check to anybody!   Must be hard to let go of that free money — but I am filling out the forms TODAY.

Go to or google you state’s name plus “unclaimed property“.  I searched for my brother and may have located a life insurance policy with cash value.

I just thank God that I am not getting what I deserve!!!!!


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