Posted by: jiminmontana | February 11, 2011

Common Grace – united plurality

It’s amazing to me how the Creator blesses us all with the abundance of variety in the world. There are some 400 different peppers. Wouldn’t 40 be enough? Consider the different strains of coffee and tea – how each region delivers a unique quality to your cup. There wells up the desire to express appreciation for all this goodness. But to whom can it be expressed? What a loss of depth that life must endure which will not lift up thankful eyes to the Origin of all this grace.

On the very first day, we see YHVH making the world (and making all things better) through an act of separation. The light was separated from the darkness, then cojoined to make one day. God makes a plurality which is unified – and it is good. Later, he took the woman out of the man (separation) only to reunite the two unique people as soon as possible. Witnessing the crazy way God ordained for the two individuals to unite (emotionally, mentally, logistically, physically) is all just too much to explain. There comes an unspoken mandate within the soul to express this gratitude – despite the pains involved. The effort and the hope of progress overshadow the setbacks. Appreciation for this process calls us to honor one another with a life of singular commitment – a covenant devotion.
Among the ethnos, YHVH separated out one people from all the others. This, too, reveals His signature method for blessing us all. It is this separation, followed by reunion (while allowing for the unique qualities and roles of each party), that Blesses us all. He has done His part. It is incumbent upon each of us to embrace these realities with reverence.   And fun.


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