Posted by: jiminmontana | January 31, 2011

To get fit, or not to get fit — why is THAT a question?

So, I huffed and I puffed and I walked up and down mountains while hunting for elk this past season.  Still chubby!  No near-death experiences like last year — I took it easy and hated being a slow-poke.

In January of 2010, my experience with the Atkins diet went south.  While I was not hungry (due to BDK) I began to feel GROSS.  Like a car motor running with 90 weight gear oil in the crankcase.  Having protein and cheese and salads for weeks at a time with NO FRUIT and a narrow spectrum of veggies was not working for me.

Having a degree in Cellular Biology, I started looking for the right vitamins to supplement what was lacking in the Adkins diet.  Most of those vitamins do not have any available research material – their clinical trials either are not done or are not available to you and me.  I looked at Melaleuca’s brand of vitamins and liked what I saw initially.  Some of their vitamins/minerals are delivered to your body really well — it’s called oligofructose-chelation and it works great to get molecules of minerals across the membrane and into the cells that make up your body.  Two reasons I didn’t go with Melaleuca were: 1) only some of the minerals you need are chelated — leaving much of the others to do you little or no benefit and 2) it was COST PROHIBITIVE to get a full spectrum of nutrition from that company.

The products that I decided to go with — after reading the clinical trials info and seeing that dozens and dozens of medical doctors support it — is called Juice Plus.  Basically, it’s all the good stuff we need from a variety of whole foods, but with the water, sugars, starches, and fiber removed.  It is such a natural alternative to a chemically-engineered multivitamin. It’s concentrated natural foods, but all the structural parts of the fruits and veggies are removed leaving just the phytonutrients, etc. that make us healthy.

First, it’s much closer to real food the way God intended.

Second, it it better than I can do at the grocery store.  1) I cannot afford to have a VARIETY of fruits and veggies to cover all the needs of my family.  Fresh, organic produce is simply cost-prohibitive for us on an annual basis.  2) The produce in our grocery store was picked weeks ago and forced to “ripen” on a container ship from Latin America.  This is a big deal.

The nutritional value of plants is vastly different when the fruit/veggie is in the growth stage versus when at the peak of ripeness.  Initially, the plant is just establishing the structure of the fruit during the growth phase.  It is only in the last few weeks on the plant that the fruit develops its potential for nutrition, just before the fruit expends its energy by making mature seed.  Our grocers would like to provide such fruits and veggies, but it just is not possible to do so.   However, Juice Plus is able to harvest entire crops and process the produce immediately so the nutritional levels are higher than you and I can obtain ourselves– especially at this time of the year.

I am doing the very-low-carb diet again this year, but am boosting my nutrition with Juice Plus.  I feel great.  I am sleeping through the night — that’s a change.  No negatives!


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