Posted by: jiminmontana | January 30, 2011

Links that mean a LOT to me

Here are links to podcasts and sources for E-books that are simply wonderful.  I promise that these will not be a waste of your time, but are fertile mines of edification for your Faith.  Also, my singular Bible study tool at the bottom. 

PODCASTS – paste these URL’s into your iTunes

E-Books and text files

Alfred Edersheim is a new, old friend to me.  A European Jew who converted to Messiah, he died in 1889.  He studied the source materials in Hebrew and Greek, etc. to compile a comprehensive study for Gentiles to understand ancient Judaism.  With entirely kosher theology, this man has become a hero to me.  The texts to read are in order since they build upon one another, but not numbered.  Start with “Temple”, then read “Sketches”, then read “Life and Times of Jesus”.  You will have a SOLID understanding of this crucial issue:  our Jewish roots. 

G.K. Chesterton — a brilliant, European Catholic who was a contemporary of Mark Twain.  Wonderful insights, and not too much Catholicism in his writings.  “Orthodoxy” is a great book to start with.  His “Everlasting Man” was the last straw for CS Lewis and he came to the Lord while reading this book.  Read two of his books, and you will be hooked forever — read all of him and you will be a well-educated soul. – e book site.

Malcolm Muggeridge — another brilliant European.  Editor of Punch Magazine.  A Ben Franklin type who is often quoted for his concise and illuminatory encapsulation of the powers behind real-world events.     ebook:       “Christ in the Media”  link

Tools on Net

The Blue Letter Bible is huge for me.  This is the ONLY Bible study aid that you will likely ever need.  The biggest value to me is that, to the left of the verse you are considering is a set of 6 buttons; click the C and you get the breakdown of the Hebrew and Greek text with ALL THE INFO you need to understand what the original words mean.  Don’t be scared of that stuff!  Just try it!  Commentaries here, too. 


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