Posted by: jiminmontana | January 7, 2011

Elk (or beef or venison) in Sour Cherry Sauce

First, see my post regarding the preparation of wild game:  to trim carefully and soak in buttermilk the day before you cook.  The steaks are initially prepared just as done with the Mushroom Sauce recipe

Cut your filets at 3/4 inch to 1″ thick. 

With flat pan, hammer very coarsely ground black pepper and kosher salt into each side. 

Film a  hot skillet with corn oil (or grape seed which can take the heat).  Sear the steaks for 2 minutes on each side.  Don’t crowd them.  Make a crust on each side that holds in the moisture.  Will be rare inside to medium rare.  (Well done venison is tough)  Set aside on a plate.

Simple Reduction Sauce:

Soak dried sour cherries over night.  Drain off liquid and chop a bit.  Mince a medium onion or 2 shalots finely.  Roughly chop about 1/4 C Italian parsley. 

In the same saute pan, at medium heat, drain off the fat.  Add shalots and mix with the bit of fat that remains.  Add 3/4 C fruity red wine and deglaze the pan.  Add 3/4 C chicken stock.  Add 1 C cherries and parsley.  Reduce over heat to about 1/2. 

Add 3 T butter and mix in.  Put the steaks back in this pan and spoon the sauce over the top to baste — this will warm the steaks over medium to med-low heat.  Does it need salt?

Plate the steaks with the sauce on top.  You may prefer to not put anything else on the plate; just serve with fresh bread and butter as if served in courses. 

If you can think of something that would go well with this, let me know.  Most side dishes seem to clash. 

Carbs: about 9 grams per steak


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