Posted by: jiminmontana | December 16, 2010

Seared Scallops — serves four. Fast and easy

Cook Time – about 10 minutes.  Serve with twice-baked potatoes or white rice, crisp green beans or carrots, and a vinegar-based green salad and warm French bread.

“DRY” scallops are better for searing.  And pull off the tough part of the abductor muscle as also seen on this link.


2 pounds scallops – large and DRY are best (about 2″ diameter and 3/4″ thick)

small amount of cooking oil that can take high heat (peanut, even Crisco — NOT olive, canola, safflower, or even butter)

kosher salt

black pepper

chicken broth

white wine

chopped parsley

brown mushrooms?  (sliced)


To feed four, will need 2 large skillets.  In each skillet, put in 1/4 C oil and get it almost smoking hot (400 degrees).  Sprinkle in 1/4 tsp kosher salt in each skillet.  Add scallops and let them cook for 1 minute.  Do not crowd them together.  Use spatula and make sure they are not sticking to pan.  Let cook until have carbonization that is dark brown.  Turn the heat off or down.  Turn over and get same result on other side.  Remove scallops from skillets and set aside.

If oil can be drained from skillets, do so.  Add 1/2 C wine and pepper to taste.  Return skillets to heat and allow the wine to clean the pan.  Add 6 oz. of sliced/chopped Crimini mushrooms if you like.  Use spatula or spoon to help do this.  Add 1/2 C broth and reduce to about half volume.  This will make a light-brown sauce that you can spoon over the scallops.  Check to see if the sauce needs salt or pepper.  Add chopped parsley.  Add some butter now if you wanna be bad.  Return scallops to skillets and coat with the sauce.

Serve quickly.


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