Posted by: jiminmontana | May 19, 2010

Ann’s FinBoat

I got a little Classic boat for our good friend, Ann.  It’s a 1958 GFO — 14 foot fiberglass.  The Evinrude outboard is also a ’58 with 35 hp “Lark”.  It starts on the first compression!  Her grandson is going to have a BLAST driving this thing around Hauser and Canyon Ferry Lake! 

Had a few issues with the boat.  The lower unit leaked — also had a shift problem.  Put in new/used clutch dogs, gears, and shaft from other dead motor, rebuilt fuel pump and hoses —  and away we go!  Gets up on plane in about 8 seconds and gps says going 37 mph. 

Has a “Billy-Bob special” going with the steering mount that has a bit of play in it.  The pic is here so that a mechanically-minded friend can give me a tip on making it right.  When the season is over in November, I hope to tear it all apart and remake it NICE.  Some dummy painted this thing with a paint brush!   

Is equiped to row.  Has two swivel seats up front and a bench for two in the stern.  No key, just push to choke and push to start or kill the motor.  Even has a working electric bilge pump that pushes 4 gallons/minute.

The strange thing is that I intended to buy an aluminum boat that was nice, but nothing special, for the same money.  The seller went nuts on me and wanted more than he had originally stated.  I was bummed a bit, but now I am VERY glad that the first deal fell through and I was able to get something that’s a collector’s item – and more fun – for the same price.  It is one clear example of how even the “bad” things in life are placed there for a Reason that is ultimately for the good of those who trust Providence.  If Ann ever wants to sell this boat, after a bit of polishing and some housekeeping, Ann will get back all of her money AFTER having enjoyed it! 

I’m just so glad that I don’t get what I deserve!  Yes, there are dangers and pains, but I am thankful for all of it.


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