Posted by: jiminmontana | March 11, 2010

Boat Restoration progress

The motor runs!  Replaced the cracked coil, refurbed the fuel pump (mechanical with diaphragm, gaskets, and filter), new plugs, distributor condensor, impeller, fresh lower unit lube, new fuel and vacuum hoses).  Took a lot of choke cleaner in the carb for fuel supply, but got it going.  Everything seems good.  Total invested in the motor now is $87.  

Found the boat’s ID number.  590067 is stamped on the right side of the aluminum transom cover.  Since the shaft on the motor is too long for the boat, the original boat transom had a 6″ plate of wood on top of the transom; this was covering the plate and number.   The State of MT had generated a VIN for the boat that is not correct.  The sheriff’s deputy came out to sign off on the change in registration — Deputy Phil Clark is a good guy. 

The prior owner was a good welder, but not much for doing things right.  Rather than replace rotten wood and old fiberglass, he fabricated a 4″ c-channel and bolted it through the old transom and the sides of the gunwales.  The wood shatters into dust and splinters with just a little pressure.  With the metal gone, the transom and deck can now be cut away.  Then the stringers get replaced and glassed, then a new deck with glass).  The hammer (below) is resting on the steel bar.  I have to cut it in half to remove it from the stern — must have been welded in place.  

serial number on transom

endo fo hammer points to boat serial number


The impeller is 12 years old.  The cracks in every petal and hardness of the rubber are severe — would have shattered under normal use.

Top of Lower unit, full of sand

A double handful of sand and silt hit the floor when the lower unit was removed.  Impeller is under the black housing of the water pump.  

Fuel filter bowl, lots of white powder

ready to cut out the entire deck

Still nasty!



  1. Good luck on your project. I just read through all your posts. I’ll be starting on a Caribbean this summer that I’ve had sitting for a few years.

  2. Hi Jim,

    I stumbled across your site while doing some research on my Lone Star Carribean. Yes, I’m the one who purchased the Carribean that you saw on eBay. I didn’t buy it on eBay, but, bought it later in a package deal that included 3 boats, 7 motors, and boxes upon boxes of boat hardware. I own a small boat restoration shop in Bakersfield, California and would really love to talk with you regarding your Carribean project. I can be reached at or 602 432-7401

    And, I know where I’ll be when I die, thanks to Jesus Christ.



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