Posted by: jiminmontana | February 3, 2010

Got the Motor Off

The wires have been spliced and run all over the place.  Likely accessories from former owner/operators.  But what is supposed to be a green wire with a white stripe is spliced to a red wire.  All the color codes are messed up! 

Was able to disconnect the motor from the junction box easily.  That’s all good.  But from the junction box to the pilot’s seat is a nightmare – 50 years of people screwing it all up.  Anyway, the stand for the motor is made and Larry (the best neighbor we’ve ever had) will come over this afternoon to move the motor off the boat to the stand. The stand’s slant is about 8 degrees.  Side support bars were replaced with 1/2″ thick plywood triangles: this will allow me to screw the throttle control and junction box to the side of the stand so as to operate the motor and fabricate a new wiring harness.

Also, have removed about 1/2 of the chrome from the boat to prep it for sanding.

The transom is 21.5 inches from the bottom of the boat to the top of the transom.


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