Posted by: jiminmontana | January 22, 2010

Starting the Project

The 4 dead tires on the trailer are replaced and the steering wheel is off so the boat fits in the garage with 2 inches to spare.  Snow is coming this weekend, so that’s a load off my mind to have it indoors with a wood stove and tools handy. 

First step is to build a wooden stand to hold the motor.  Then remove motor from the transom/stern of the boat.  Then to remove the rotted old transom to make it easy to enter the boat from the garage floor. 

I plan to start from the bow and work my way back.  Will take pics before, during, and throughout the project so I can rebuild as best as possible. 

I intend to go a little heavy with the subfloor and gunwales to handle the stress of twin 90 hp motors.  If anyone could use an original manual and parts list for 1964 Johnson Meteor, let me know.  A local sold his boating business and has a barn half-full of old parts, manuals, tools, and motors just gathering dust.


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