Posted by: jiminmontana | January 17, 2010

Thanks Guys! Internal Fuel Cells – options

I wanted to say how much I’ve appreciated the help that my new boating buds have given.    

Peter in Denver — thanks for the photos on e-bay and connecting me to Clyde.    

Clyde in OK — thanks for the photos of your restoration project and for connecting me to the guys in Norway.    

Gerhard and Arne in Norway — couldn’t believe that you had a complete Johnson schematic and parts brochure on a 45 yr. old motor.  The work you’ve done to restore that old thing is inspiring.  Where did you get the paint?    


Since the decking material is coming out 100%, I plan to install a permanent set of fuel cell(s).  Moeller marine seems to make cells people like.  Either I can put them aft of the bulkhead as waist tanks of both sides of the boat.  Cool thing is that you can see the fuel levels through the tank walls.  Bad thing is that you can see the tank.   

matching 18 to 24 gallon waist tank


Or a belly tank can go amid ship    

34 Gallons only 7.5" tall


Or a long thin tank can rest between the stringers that hold up the decking — it’s 35 Gallons — 69.50L x 16.00W x 8.00H.  I am leaning toward this one.    

Any opinions on what works the best?


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