Posted by: jiminmontana | January 15, 2010

VOTE 2010! — this one is HUGE!

On November 2nd, every seat in the U.S. House of Representatives will be elected — except Puerto Rico!  That’s 434 out of 435 seats.  You gotta vote!

Just about everyone is sick of Congress. Americans have the opportunity to FLIP things — if they only will.


The 2008 election resulted in the House being split 50:50.  With a Dim governor, that put the Dims in charge of committees and gave them the Speaker position.  In 2010, anything could happen. 

In the Montana state Senate there are 15 open Senate seats due to term limits, which is almost a full third of that body that is guaranteed not to be back in 2011. Here’s a link for the current info on who is running.

A staggering 10 Republicans senators are term-limited. All of those senators are in solid Republican seats. Five Democrats are term limited. Unlike last session where Democrats had to play defense, Republicans will have to work hard to maintain their majority in the state Senate. 

The PRIMARY is June 8th.  This “elimination round” within your party is so much more important than many people think.  Supporting a candidate who can win in the General election in November means a lot. 

I personally know and have high regard for HD84’s Congressman, Mike Miller of Helmville.  Take a look at his site and do what you can to support him!  He is all about maintaining our heritage, reducing taxation, and increased freedom and personal responsiblity for Montanans.  (and he makes excellent venison jerky)

Get Registered here.


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