Posted by: jiminmontana | January 10, 2010

Baby Steps with Wild Game

You can’t put a rare piece of deer in front of a city kid and say, “Eat that.”  Nope.  You gotta make it easy to like.  Otherwise, you go hunting next year and fill your freezer with critters — and everyone else in the house has hot dogs while you cook your steak alone.   No good. 

Lots of people say, “I don’t like wild game.”  Likely, some ignorant caveman of yesteryear ruined a piece of deer and slapped a big piece of nasty on a plate.  Little kids and little ladies are just not gonna go for that.  You gotta “serve it”, bub.  I did some reasearch on this issue — because I knew I have finicky people in my life (God bless ’em) — and I put what I learned on this blog.  Follow this link for this info on preparing wild game.  Works great!

Last night, I cooked for my family, making the recipe for Elk steaks in Sour Cherry Sauce.  That is so good!  It’s not hard, takes 20 minutes — and everybody’s happy.  Just try it.  A big salad before, then I put the steaks with mashed potatoes (my son’s pick) and fresh-made bread sticks with garlic.  Just salad and steaks for me, but who’s complaining?   Without the butter in the sauce, it would be nowhere, so don’t skip it.


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