Posted by: jiminmontana | January 4, 2010

BDK has arrived!

Hey, Folks!   

Benign Dietary Ketosis — BDK — is worth the wait.  After about 3-4 days of nearly ZERO carbs, all the glycogen in your muscles and liver gets used up and you are burning just protein and fat.  When your body can ONLY burn those two types of fuel, you will have ketone bodies in your blood.    

"With BDK, I can do this!"


 If you are a diabetic doing your normal thing, that is bad news.  But, if you have ketones in your blood stream because you are a good boy or girl on the Atkins diet, then you get two benefits that are way cool, plus a third that’s still good.   

1.  Ketone bodies are God’s natural appetite supressant.  If you are on Atkins, or in a POW camp, or stuck in the woods for a few weeks — God knows that you need to turn off the “I’m hungry” alarm, so he made ketone bodies do this for us.   

2.  Every time you hit the head (visit the water closet, etc.), you are wizzing away calories.  Ketones are PARTIALLY consumed residuals!  You have so many in your blood that there is not enough ability in your body to break them all down and get all the heat out of them possible, because your body is not “expecting” to have a bunch of ketones in the blood.  That ability to burn them is overwhelmed as it were.  So they get ELIMINATED — taking calories with them.  That’s a stone, cool groove my man!    

3.  Your brain cannot use proteins or fats for fuel.  It uses sugars and ketones.  Needs both.  Thus, when you are on Atkins (or in a POW camp), your brain still gets all the power it needs.  That may be why Atkins folks (and POWs, and people who fast) feel no significant loss of energy.  HOWEVER, if you mix in carbs with that fasting period, you blow this entire feature of BDK.   

Watch out for those POW camps, bub.



  1. […] January of 2010, my experience with the Atkins diet went south.  While I was not hungry (due to BDK) I began to feel GROSS.  Like a car motor running with 90 weight gear oil in the crankcase.  […]

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