Posted by: jiminmontana | December 28, 2009

Low, Low Carb Diet begins TODAY!

Yikes!  Today is the day!  The holiday stuff is done.  (New Year’s doesn’t count for me)  The older son and his wife are back in AZ.  Today was the final “having guests over for supper” thing for awhile.  So,  “Down with the Carbs!”

The “Induction” phase of Atkins is a 10 day period of near zero carb intake.  Through it, all the sugar stored in your muscles and liver get used up.  Plants keep sugar in the form of starch.  That works for plants because they need the rigidity (and they don’t do a lot of jumping jacks).  Critters like us are made to store sugar as glycogen, which is mushy.  This stuff has gotta be GONE for Atkins diets to work.  That done, and with no carb intake, the body can only burn proteins and fats.  That works for me. 

Dear God, please let this work for me!

Habits are ingrained.  Automatically, I started to put sugar in my coffee this morning!  This is gonna be tuff.


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