Posted by: jiminmontana | December 26, 2009

1957 Lone Star Caribbean

The guys at forum say that this old boat is a 1957 finboat made by Lone Star — model is called “Caribbean”. 

A “FiberGlassics” guy says that there are less than ten (10)  in the world, and that this year is the rarest and most collectible Lone Star in the world!  It’s all new to me.  My concern is how to restore it.  Do I make it like new — and spend a terrible amount of $ doing that — or do I make it fun and simple without regard to factory specs.  Where in the world would I find all that hardware that’s missing?  It has a big rectangle cut out of the top of the front deck.  What to do?!?!

Here is a 1959 that is for sale on ebay — no motor, with a reserve on $7500.  Has an offer of $4500 or so right now. 



  1. Hello Jim. I have a 59 Lone Star Caribbean can you tell me what you know of them? How many are there known of? Mine is a complete Hull but not much more than that. Any advice is appreciated.

    • There is a web group that’s all about Lone Star boats:

      I got mine because it was free and looked cool from that quirky period of the “jet age”. But I am not much on the history of the company or the boats. All the wood in mine was rotted although it looks to have been oak. Hope all goes well with yours.


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