Posted by: jiminmontana | December 22, 2009

Free Boat, Anyone? an aquatic Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang

I got this boat for FREE.  Fixing this boat up and making it seaworthy is my winter project for 2009-2010.  The plan is to take it from Montana to the Pacific Ocean, following the Lewis and Clark water highway, and back again for the Summer vacation.     

"Just Get It Outta Here!"


 Yes, I am aware that this thing looks like The Ghost From Shipwrecks Past.  However, if I can get this thing looking great and operating well, then my youngest son will learn to not write things off as “toast” — especially people.  With enough love and attention, there is hope for all the wrecks out there.    

Since the early 60’s this was a patrol boat owned by the US Government and operated in the Panama Canal — that explains the siren on top and the blue and red light on the front.  After it was retired, the new owner floated the thing up the Mississippi, through St. Louis, all the way to Montana where it is today.  It is a deep water hull construction made for “bay cruising”.  The Johnson Meteor motor is said to “work just fine, but that was a few years ago”.    




   It likely needs more than a new coat of paint, huh?  Much of the wood inside needs to be replaced, all of the electrical — just about every part that operates the boat has gotta go.     

The Challenge:     

  1. Keep cost for parts and supplies (including sand paper!) under $1000.  (paint cost not included, which will be significant) 
  2. Get it to the Pacific Ocean and back to Montana by October 10, 2010 following the Lewis and Clark trail. 
  3. Teach my son how to fix stuff. 
  4. Have some fun doing it. 


  1. I just bought a 1957 lone star Caribbean its very restorable found it in a field missing motor and interior is bad off it has no trailor i have a couple

    pictures on face book!/profile.php?id=1414432228

  2. Hi! How did the boat project work out for you? Looks like it needs total reconstruction of the stringer and transom areas. I’ve been looking for such kind of boat myself.

    – Thx, Albert 765-430-7636

    • Hi! How’d the boat project work out? I’ve been looking for such kind of boat myself.

      Feel free to email or call me.

      – Thx, Al #765-430-7636

  3. haha, those boats are always fun to work on! everyone loves a challenge that will be rewarding in the far end of all the work!… Your son should be stoked to help it rather then judge it upon its cover.. there’s so much there more then a hunk of metal and wood! make it have a story behind it :) give it the right to show tails rather then just say it…

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