Posted by: jiminmontana | December 21, 2009

Christmas Tree Success

Larry and I took two four-wheelers out to the timbers and got a douglas fir, about 12 feet tall.  The wife is gonna love it because it’s not too wide.  I drilled a hole in a “thin spot” and inserted a lower branch to fill the hole.  It’s straight and smells fantastic. 

Larry doesn’t go ANYWHERE without his girl dog, Squealer. 

In a bog where a cow moose and her calf live near a set of train tracks, I found a stretch of junipers that are full of berries right now.  Since those sell for $45 per gallon — and there are an estimated 10 acres of junipers there, I plan to go back later in the week to knock it out.  I got a few handfuls for seasoning a roast.  Most people who buy them use them for potpourri — or however you spell it. 

It was about 40 degress this afternoon and a gorgeous day to enjoy the Beauty of God’s outdoors.  Hope that you also had some time to reflect on how good this time of year can be.


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