Posted by: jiminmontana | December 17, 2009

Peppered Jerky Sauce

1 gallon freezer bag of meat sliced for jerky or 8 pounds of LEAN meat

4 T salt

4 T coarse black pepper

1 T garlic powder

3 T seasoned salt (Lawry’s)

1 C Worcestershire Sauce

2 C water

1 T cumin powder

lots of coarse pepper to shake on

Cut the meat against the grain where possible for a better chewing experience.  I am using elk meat this year!  If you want beef, get a big london broil when it’s on sale.  Have the butcher slice it for you about 1/4 to 3/8 inch thick — you will still have to trim it at home.  OR, freeze it and then let it thaw about 50% at home to make the slicing a LOT easier.  Also, the freezing will help to make it a bit more tender. 

Soak the prepared meat for 12 hours in the solution.  Lay out strips so they are touching one another — they will shrink.  Sprinkle as much of the coarsely ground black pepper on the meat as you are going to like.  Press it into the meat with a few pounds of pressure.

I use a stacked food dehydrator at 160 degrees for at least six hours.  I get mine really dry, removing each piece as it gets dry by checking every hour.  Remove with come care ans store flat so the pepper stays in place.  As I free up space in the dehydrator racks, I consolidate the space and put more meat on the lower racks and keep running until it’s all been dried. 

Insignificant carb count



  1. Hey! Does Lawry’s seasoned salt have any MSG? The jerky is great according to Rachel and John. Sorry not my thing. However, John gets migranes w/MSG and he’s not been able to eat any jerky for years due to most recipes contain the nasty neurological hammer. He’s only tasted it due to fear of debilitating pain and or side effects of rescue meds. I love your website, very creative bro!

    • Hello, Barbara –Lawry’s salt contains NO MSG. I think that it used to.

      Here is the quote from Lawry’s website:

      4. Is there MSG in your products?

      “If MSG is present in any of our products, either directly added or as a component of another ingredient, it will be listed on the label as MSG or monosodium glutamate. As always, Lawry’s® Seasoned Salt contains NO MSG.”

      Thanks for checking in on me!

      And what I sent to you was not the “peppered jerky”, but the other that I make all the time: “Jim’s Jerky”.

      CostCo here has a huge bottle of “SMOKED PAPARIKA” that is really good. It’s a life-time supply for about $5.

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