Posted by: jiminmontana | December 15, 2009

Hunting Locations in Montana


Take a look at my “Hunting Page” for info on a successful Rocky Mt Elk Hunt in 2009. is awesome.  It provides TOPOGRAPHICAL MAPS, photos from space, plus driving directions to help you plan your hunting and communicate plans to fellow hunters.  Set up an account and email the “My Maps” to friends when you hunt cooperatively with some — pushing the critters to the other hunters in shooting positions.,-95.677068&spn=42.174768,92.724609&t=h&z=4 shows a good ridge for elk and mule deer in Hunting District 293.  Drive or hike on the south side of the ridge to the eastern side of the Greenhorn Creek area, then turn north.  Get up on top of the hill on the east side of the map and hunt into the wind, moving westward, along the top of the north-facing ridge back to Blossberg Road.

You need to know what land is PUBLIC and which is PRIVATE.  Use this link to know that you’re kosher:  It will take about ten minutes to get good with this site, but zoom in and check off that you want to see roads and streams on the map — that way, you’ll be able to find what area it is that you are considering.


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