Posted by: jiminmontana | December 14, 2009

Sauteed Mushrooms for Steaks — LC

1 pound fresh Crimini (Italian Brown) mushrooms, w/ the dry part of the stems cut away, sliced 3/8 inch thick

1/2 stick real butter

1/4 C Worcestershire sauce

1 T ground cumin

1/2 tsp coarsely ground black pepper

1 tsp paprika

Sautee the shrooms in a LARGE skillet, and keep them separate so they will brown and lose some moisture.  Bulk mushrooms are great for stuffing, but Crimini are superlative for this recipe. 

Start out at highest heat level for 1 minute on each side, then go to medium heat and —

Add the Worcestershire sauce to pull more water out of the shrooms.  Stir in your spices and reduce on medium heat to a make a rather thick topping for steaks. 

Carbs per serving:  about 1 gram


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