Posted by: jiminmontana | December 11, 2009

Losing 100 pounds in 10 months

I am ready to get back into shape.  I wish that I could say that my inspiration came from my wife — or from the desire to live long enough to impart wisdom to my grandchildren — or something significant like that.  The truth is, I am inspired to get into good physical condition so I can more fully enjoy hunting in Montana in years to come. 

Sure there are other factors involved.  Of course.  But I intend to lose 100 pounds AND be in good cardiovascular health AND have good muscle tone — by Sunday, October 24th, 2010. 

I got a nice elk this past season, 2009.  A mature 5×5 bull weighing around 700 pounds.  Two refrigerator freezers at home are stuffed with roasts, steaks, and meat for jerky and stews.  But I got LUCKY!  At 7000 feet, I am a huffing, puffing, wheezing wreck  with a bloody nose and a pounding headache.  Twice, it occurred to me that I might not live through the physical requirements of simply walking up and down the mountainside — much less to pack an elk or deer out of a deep ravine.  But next season is gonna be different!

I’ve wanted to get into shape for years.  I hope that this is my “last straw” and that in 2010 I will become a fit and athletic man — not a slob.  I hope that you can figure out your “last straw” and join me. 

I will be following the Atkins Diet and cooking gourmet food for my family.  As you likely know, Atkins is all about high protein and very low carbohydrates FOREVER.  I tried it once several years ago and did great — until I cheated.  I was having fantastic results, but fell off the “no carb wagon”.  If you do that with Atkins, your whole blood chemistry changes and you are SCREWED for several days.  Don’t do it!    Don’t do it, Jim! 

Plus my wife is going to be happy.  She is a gorgeous lady of French extraction who deserves a husband who is able to care for her in every way.  I want to be that husband. If you met my wife, you would want to be that husband, too! 

I love to cook.  Do you know how rewarding it can be when a really good meal comes together and everyone is consciously aware of how good life can be?  God is good.  I plan to create gourmet meals for my wife and son and friends that contain at least one LOW CARB dish for me to gnash while they get to enjoy the breads and sweets that I will be refusing.  I intend to live vicariously through their experiences of Italian, Mexican, German, French, Asian, and Mediterranean cuisine, while still enjoying those foods which are permissible to my chosen diet.  I will be posting the recipes on my blog with detailed instructions or videos whenever the techniques are challenging or not easily understood in writing. 

I have cooked in several different restaurants and am pretty good at American home cooking, Italian, grilling, and baking.  I want to pick up on the Continental side of the menu and focus more on French meats.  These will be particularly useful to Atkins dieters, because we can have butter and cheese and so many of the decadent ingredients that the decadent French enjoy.  If you haven’t seen the film Julie and Julia, you need to get the DVD.  Yes, I know it’s a “girl movie” ; watch it with the girls in your life. 

A significant focus on salads and leafy greens will be in order: making them more fun than “a bowl of lettuce — hold the croutons.”  Most beef in the recipes will be replaced with elk. 

See you soon,




  1. Aha! Now I see you DO have some restaurant experience. I come from a family of gourmet cooks, but we tended to plate simply at our house. My brother was an executive chef at Top of the Mark in San Francisco. He also cooked at Inn at Brushy Creek in Austin in its early years. He’s retired now, but still sets quiqte a culinary fare at table. I’m envious of his talents……..but Dad was the real cooking talent in the family, and the inspiration for all of us.

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